History of the Jainism in Pakistan is old; their presence was recorded in Sindh, Punjab, North Western Frontier Province and in Baluchistan. Jews came to areas that comprise Pakistan in 19th century A.D from Maharashtra . After 1947 most of the Pakistani Jains lived in Karachi while some of them were present in Peshawar too. In present day Pakistan, you will find many Jains scattered across the country. Throughout the length and breadth of Pakistan lay the Jain temples and shrines which hold immense attraction for all those who desire to find the great Jain architectural splendor. You will discover historical jain monuments in Pakistan which also reflects the rich culture and heritage of Jainism.

We as a community can help in restoring these historical monuments and make it a pilgrimage Site which can be accessed by all.

We also plan pilgrimages to the lesser known Jain Temples in Pakistan and help you understand the rich heritage of Jainism and importance of shrines of these holy Tirthankaras.

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