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Jainism in Pakistan has a broad legacy and history, despite the fact that jains are present in a tiny groups in Pakistan. But before the partition of indo- pak sub in 1947, Lahore was a cosmopolitan city with Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Jains amounting to 48% of the city’s population.Many Jain shrines can still be found scattered across Pakistan. Memorable evidence of presence of Jainism in the Indus Valley Civilization, can be found, which existed in Pakistan and northwestern India. Other archaeological evidences belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization of the Bronze Age in the India also lend support to the hoary antiquity of the Jaina tradition and suggest the prevalence of the practice of worship of Rsabha- deva, the 1st Tirthankara along with the worship of other deities. Many relics from the Indus Valley excavations suggest the prevalence of Jaina religion in the ancient period from 3500 to 3000 B.C.



The main aim of our trust is to appoint few historians in Lahore, who would help us explore the Jain Temples in Pakistan. We would like to provide opportunities for these Lahorian Historians to tour, restore and document several Jain shrines that are scattered across Pakistan.

We are also open to inviting Indians who are eager to learn more about the history and architecture of the Jain Temples and would like to visit these historically rich Pakistan Jain Temples, some of which date back to Indus-valley civilization.

As most of these historic structures are in a dire need of restoration, hence our tertiary goal is to restore the temples and make them into an attractive tourist spot hence leading to increased number of pilgrimages to these magnificent historic structures over the years.

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